Following a successful trial in the of Summer 2018 there is a new format for ARCPs.

Each trainee's progress and achievements will documented in the Educational Supervisor's report as normal, but will be presented to the ARCP panel by the College Tutor at the trainee's trust.

The panel will be made up of the Head of School, TPDs and Educational Supervisors from other trusts.

There will also be lay and external representatives on some panels. The idea is that with this format, the College Tutor will have detailed knowledge of all their trainees and their progress within the trust. This will  mean that any areas of outstanding training can be recognised and hopefully any deficient areas identified and remedied swiftly.

Directly after the panel assessment, the trainees will be invited to attend for face-to-face feedback.

We are unusual in Severn O&G, in that we offer all trainees this opportunity, as we strongly believe that there is great value in the two-way feedback and it offers an excellent opportunity for vocalising career plans etc.

We hope that as the face-to-face meetings will be within the trust, the meetings will be more relaxed and that there will be less disruption to clinical opportunities. We do understand that the timing and geography on the day may not be convenient for every trainee, so a discussion and feedback with the College Tutor could be arranged at a later date.

We will collect feedback on the new format from both trainees and college tutors at the end of the ARCPs.


Dates for your diary:-

  • Bath 12 June 2019 (am) at RUH
  • Swindon 12 June 2019 (pm) at Great Western Hospital
  • NBT 13 June 2019 at Southmead
  • UHB 18 June 2019 at St Michaels
  • Glos 20 June 2019 at Gloucestershire Royal
  • Academics 25 June 2019 at the Deanery office, Park House
  • Taunton 2 July 2019 at Musgrove Park