Specialty Training Programme in Community Sexual and Reproductive Health (CSRH) in Severn

The 6-year run through training programme in Community Sexual and Reproductive Health (CSRH) starts at ST1. The programme is designed to support training for a CCT in CSRH. Details of essential competences and qualifications are detailed in the HEE person specification for CSRH at ST1, which is available on the Specialty training site.  Recruitment to the specialty is undertaken nationally on an annual basis. The Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health (FSRH) is responsible for the content and structure of the CSRH programme which has been approved by the GMC. There are currently 2 national training numbers for CSRH in Severn.

Programme Details

The programme is based in several different Trusts throughout the South West. The programme is mainly based in University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust (UHBFT). Trainees may find themselves placed with any of the following healthcare providers. Currently some training is provided outside of Health Education England - South West.

List of accredited providers of CSRH training for Severn Postgraduate Medical Education


Hospitals and Clinic locations

University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust

Bristol Sexual Health Services at Central Health Clinic and community clinic sites

St Michaels Hospital, Bristol Royal Infirmary

South Bristol Community Hospital

North Bristol NHS Trust

Southmead Hospital


Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust

Sexual Health Services

Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Gloucester Royal Infirmary

Bristol City Council

Department of Public Health

Weston Area NHS Trust

Weston General Hospital

Aneurin Bevan University LHB

Llanfrecha Grange Hospital

Cwmbran Clinic

Cardiff and Vale University LHB

Cardiff Royal Infirmary

British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) Head Office

Birmingham and Doncaster Clinics

The Training programme director is Dr Sharon Moses who is a Consultant in Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH). Dr Manika Singh (Consultant SRH) and Dr Lucinda Farmer (Specialty Doctor in SRH) are the educational supervisors. They are all based at Bristol Sexual Health Services (BSHS), Central Health Clinic in Bristol. BSHS is a fully integrated Sexual Health Service. Visit our website for further information.

The CSRH programme lies within the School of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (O&G) in Severn, Head of School is Miss Johanna Trinder based at St Michael's Hospital, Bristol.

The programme covers the curriculum specified by the FSRH. Full details are available on the FSRH website.

Basic Training

The first 18 months of training (ST1-ST2) is in O&G either St Michael’s Hospital or Southmead Hospital (both in Bristol) where CSRH trainees also take part in the on call rota.

Please visit the Severn School of Obstetrics & Gynaecology website page to obtain further information about the ST1 and ST2 posts at St Michael’s Hospital and Southmead Hospital.

Trainees will then undertake an 18 month attachment mainly focused on sexual and reproductive health (SRH) based at BSHS to complete their basic training.

Intermediate training

In ST4 and ST5 trainees will continue SRH training but have a placement in Public Health (based at Bristol City Council) and more advanced GU medicine training at BSHS. Some Gynaecology training will continue at either St Michael's or Southmead Hospital. For certain aspects of abortion care training may be delivered in Gloucester and Cardiff. Currently menopause training is delivered at a specialist clinic in Cwmbran.

Advanced Training

In ST6 trainees will be completing all outstanding competencies but there will also be opportunities for shadowing and preparing to become a consultant.

Throughout the programme the trainee will have exposure to and training in leadership and management.

Other training attachments will include Abortion Care, Sexual Assault and Sexual Problems. The programme is designed to allow trainees to develop the skills to lead and manage the community based Sexual Health services of the future, and work within large multidisciplinary teams.

Progression through training

The trainee will be expected to maintain the FSRH’s e-portfolio. Advancement into the next training year will be determined by an annual review ARCP.

ARCPs are run nationally by the FSRH and are currently held in Cambridge. Trainees’ progress is measured against the CSRH matrix that represents the minimum requirement.


CSRH trainees in ST1 and ST2 will have the opportunity of attending weekly teaching as part of the Pan Bristol O&G teaching program.

Trainees can also attend the regional training days run by the South West (Severn and Peninsula) departments in O&G (SWOT and Logbook days).

Once the trainee is based at BSHS they will be encouraged to attend the weekly multidisciplinary departmental teaching meeting as well as having the opportunity to attend the departments quarterly half day teaching and training sessions. There will also be educational opportunities in other departments where trainees are placed as part of the CSRH curriculum.

Health Education England, South West-Severn runs a comprehensive range of generic courses including teaching, appraisal, leadership and management

Useful Contacts

Dr Sharon Moses email
Dr Manika Singh email
Dr Cindy Farmer email

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