Our trainees work hard in Severn to provide a high quality teaching programme, supported by Consultants from around the region.  We encourage trainees with an interest in Education or a specialist topic to get involved in organising teaching for their peers, via our Regional Training Days and ST1/2 specific training days.

Regional Education

Regional Training Days

The RCOG curriculum for Obstetrics and Gynaecology training is covered by the StratOG online modules, accessed via the RCOG website.  The aim of Regional Training Days is therefore to expand on and complement the curriculum. 

Trainees are expected to attend a minimum of 5 Regional Training Days per (full time) training year.  The programme runs from September to July, with many days repeated on an annual or biennial basis.  Days are run across Severn and Peninsula, and most are open to O&G trainees at any level.

There are also obligatory courses specified in the RCOG training matrix, some of which will be provided locally as part of the Regional Training Programme, for example currently Peninsula runs the annual Resilience course for ST2s (STEP-UP).

Please see the RCOG training matrix for further details of obligatory courses.

Please see ‘Regional Training Days’ for more information.

Please see ‘How to organise a Regional Training Day’ for guidance on arranging training in your local unit.

Please contact your local unit rep or severnswoteducation@gmail.com if you would like to get involved.

Bristol Friday Afternoon Teaching

Friday afternoon teaching for ST1/2 trainees is hosted in Bristol and the programme runs weekly from September to June each year, following a month of in-house teaching during August.  It alternates between St Michael’s Hospital, Southwell Street, and Southmead Hospital, Southmead Road on a monthly basis. 

All Bristol based O&G trainees are expected to attend teaching unless on-call or on annual leave.  A minimum attendance of 5 sessions in a 6-month period is required for ARCP.  Non-Bristol based ST1/2 trainees are welcome to attend teaching whenever possible.

Teaching starts at 2.30pm, and the programme covers a wide variety of topics.  Please contact severnjunioreducation@gmail.com for more information.

Severn PGME Professional and Generic Skills Courses

The Severn PGME runs a comprehensive range of generic courses including teaching, appraisal, leadership and management.  More details can be found on the Severn PGME website.

National Education

The RCOG have an extensive educational programme including ATSM training courses.  Full details can be found on the RCOG website.