Regional Training – A Trainee's Guide

Please find below information regarding our Regional Training Days to assist you in meeting your educational requirements.

Locally organised training

Regional Training Days (RTDs) are organised by O&G trainees based in units across Severn and Peninsula. They expand on and complement curriculum topics, and inspire interest and training across our broad and diverse specialty.

Each unit in Severn has a minimum number of RTDs it is required to provide annually, and this is coordinated by the Unit Representative (see SWOT Committee page for your local Unit Rep). Across Severn and Peninsula there is ample provision to ensure each trainee attends their minimum of 5 days required for ARCP. Please note you will not be able or expected to attend every RTD annually, however most days are run on an annual or biennial basis, and so you will have the opportunity to attend a wide variety of RTDs over your time in the Deanery.

Attendance at 5 regional training is a Severn Deanery regional requirement in addition to the mandatory days stipulated by the RCOG.

RTDs are advertised via the Deanery website Events page, the SWOT website, and are also included in the weekly O & G Bulletin emailed by Caroline Stitfall (Education Programme Manager). They are advertised as soon as the booking date is confirmed, to allow trainees time to arrange study leave. Booking goes live online via Yapsody 8 weeks prior to the date, and closes 1 week prior, to allow the organising team time to finalise their arrangements.

Most days are priced at £10 (plus booking fee) per trainee to cover equipment and refreshments; some days are more costly to allow for provision of more expensive training resources. This cost can be claimed back via Intrepid. If you realise you cannot attend a day you have paid for please contact the SWOT Education Rep via - a refund can be arranged (minus booking fee) up until online booking closes for the day in question. No refund will be issued for non-attendance.

Your confirmation of booking will be via an electronic ticket, which you should retain. Only trainees who have registered and paid in advance via Yapsody will be issued with a Certificate of Attendance following completion of the RTD.

Once the day is completed, a feedback email will be sent to attendees which you must complete in order to receive your Certificate of Attendance. Please save your Certificate for your portfolio/ARCP.

Study Leave

Study leave should be booked via Intrepid (which also allows for processing of study leave reimbursement) and should be recorded locally via your Trust’s study leave form. It is your responsibility to confirm your study leave within the minimum notice period for your Rota Coordinator (usually 8 weeks). This allows your Rota Coordinator to reallocate clinical work if required. Each Trust is aware that as many trainees as possible should be allowed study leave for RTDs, so if you are having difficulty arranging study leave please discuss this with your Educational Supervisor. It should then be escalated to your local RCOG College Tutor, and finally to your Unit Representative if not resolved, so that the SWOT Committee can take it further.

Externally organised training

Courses and conferences run by external organisations, e.g. SWOGs, which are advertised via the RTD calendar, will count towards your attendance of 5 days in total. If you have registered to attend a course which you think should be considered, please contact the SWOT Education Representative at

For information on how to organise a Regional Training Day, please see “Regional Training – Organise an event

Attending a Regional Training Day – Flow Chart

Regional training day intro process table


Updated August 2018