Pan Bristol Obstetrics and Gynaecology Trainee Teaching Programme

Friday Afternoon teaching sessions are organised on a termly basis for all Bristol based O&G trainees. During August the sessions provide 'in-house' training of the new ST1 and ST2 trainees. The sessions run from 2.30-4.30pm.

The programme is currently organised by Dr Sherif Abdel-Fattah (Consultant at Southmead) and Dr Jane Farey.

All Bristol O&G Trainees ST1-2 (in St Michaels and Southmead) are expected to attend these teaching sessions unless they are on-call or on annual leave. All Foundation doctors and GP ST are also encouraged to attend these sessions during their O&G attachment. An attendance register is kept and certificates of attendance distributed at each session. At your regular appraisal with your Educational Supevisor you will need to complete an attendance form in preparation for your annual RITA/ARCP. A reason for non attendance at the teaching session must be given and signed by your Educational Supervisor. An absolute minimum of 10 sessions per year is expected for trainees based in Bristol for 12 months.

Evaluation forms are completed at the end of each session to facilitate future planning of the programme.

Bristol Advanced Trainees are encouraged to attend, participate or organise the session.

Swindon ST1 and ST2 trainees are encouraged to attend the Bristol sessions whenever possible. All other O&G Trainees in the Severn PGME are also welcome to attend but must inform their local Educational Supervisors and obtain permission to attend.


St Michaels Hospital                                                        Southmead Hospital
Level C Meeting Room                                                     The Chilterns Meeting Room, Off Cotswold Ward
Level 3 Meeting Room
Library session: Education Centre opposite BRI

Trainees are encouraged to share lifts across the city due to limited parking.

Date Topic Presenter/s Venue
04.09.2019 Basic Gynae Oncology Dr Sarah Platt St Michaels Hospital - NICU seminar room
11.09.15 Scan Training Dr Kate O'Brien St Michaels Hospital
18.09.15 STAR Dr Rachel Liebling and Dr Jane Farey St Michaels Hospital
25.09.15 Problem Based Learning TBC St Michaels Hospital - NICU seminar room
02.10.15 No Teaching SWOGS NO Teaching SWOGS NO Teaching SWOGS day
09.10.15 Instrumental Deliveries Dr Yealin Chung Southmead Hospital
16.10.15 PROGRESS gynae emergency training day Dr Jane Mears Southmead Hospital
23.10.15 Basics of Urogynaecology Dr Madhu Chendrimada Southmead Hospital
30.10.15 Basics in Early Pregnancy Dr Michael Algeo Southmead Hospital
06.11.15 NO Teaching SWOT day NO Teaching SWOT Day NO Teaching SWOT Day
13.11.15 TBC TBC St Michaels Hospital
20.11.15 STAR Dr Rachel Liebling and Dr Jane Farey St Michaels Hospital
27.11.15 Scan Training Dr Kate O'Brien St Michaels Hospital