The Severn SWOT Committee

The Severn SWOT Committee is a group of O&G trainee volunteers who work to improve and address issues relevant to training in O&G in our region. The committee acts as a channel of communication between Severn trainees and the Severn School of O&G as well as the RCOG’s National Trainees Committee.

The committee co-ordinates the ST1-2 and regional teaching programmes, AGM (joint with peninsula), ATSM evening and ST1 induction afternoon.

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Your Committee

Chair (three-year elected post): Sarah Quinn
Oversees the SWOT committee. Attends the O&G School Board meeting twice a year.
Sits on RCOG National Trainees Committee

Vice Chair: Unfilled
Vice to role of Chair

Education Rep: Therese Kinsella
Concentrates on issues relevant to education. Coordinates the regional teaching programme. Regular contact with TPD for Education.

Treasurer: Gemma Cass

Unit Representatives:

St. Michael’s: Becky Newhouse
Southmead: Jo Michell, ST2
Gloucester: Rachel Squires
Bath: Viki Medland
Taunton: Mike Algeo
Swindon: Unfilled

Co-ordinate feedback on training issues within units and report to the SWOT committee and College Tutor on a quarterly basis .
Help ensure the target number of regional teaching days is hosted by each unit.
Present data on units from the GMC survey, TEF and Severn Matrix at the Deanery’s annual Quality Panel meeting in November.
Handover to incoming unit rep at the end of their term.
Collect and submit a 'trainer of the year' for their unit.

ST1-2 Rep: Sadie Mullin
Organisation of ST1 induction afternoon

ST3-5 Rep: Kate Dodd
Organisation of ATSM evening

ST6-7/ATSM: Laura Coleman
Concentrates on issues specific to relevant level of training

Junior Education Representatives: Verity Ellis and Ashleigh Holt-Kentwell
Co-ordinate ST1/2 teaching

Less Than Full Time Representative: Amy Slater
Concentrates on training issues related to LTFT working

Academic Representative: Danya Bakhbakhi
Concentrates on training issues related to working in academic posts

Global Health: David Jones
Concentrates on deanery links with global health.

Mentor Representatives: Rowan Gundry and Emily Hotton
Co-ordinates mentor programme

Non-portfolio: Sarah Channing, Jonathan Frost