Paperwork required for trainees ARCP Assessment is mostly on e-portfolio, but the following forms need to be printed out, completed and provided in one folder only

Trainees need to print one (or more) of the following evidence forms relevant to their year of training to be assessed to use as a checklist for the RCOG ARCP Matrix requirements.

Please create document folder on your eportfolio for audits/publications etc to be scanned in.

Trainees will need the following document to be printed and completed:

Summary of Study Leave - please ensure you add your name to the document


CCT calculator (please upload the completed CCT calculator into your personal Library for future reference).


Annual Expectation of Obstetric and Gynaecology Trainees

Trainees should refer to the RCOG Annual Expectations Matrix and Additional Severn Matrix, to ensure they are familiar with the expectation for their year of training (these are summarised on the ARCP Evidence forms). Trainees in the first instance should discuss any queries with their Educational Supervisor or College Tutor.

ARCP Evidence Forms

RCOG 2017-18 Training Matrix

Severn Training Matrix to be used in conjunction with RCOG matrix

Form R

Wider Scope of Practice

OOP Supervisor Report

Additional Forms

Trainees will need to supply the evidence listed on the training year specific form (below) to their Educational Supervisors along with a printed copy of the form. The Educational Supervisor will need to sign all boxes as appropriate. This needs to be submitted along Summary of Study leave form for ARCP panel to review.


Evidence Forms for 2017-2018 training year:

ST1 ARCP evidence form 2018

ST2 ARCP evidence form 2018

ST3 ARCP evidence form 2018

ST4 ARCP evidence form 2018

ST5 ARCP evidence form 2018

ST6 ARCP evidence form 2018

ST7 ARCP evidence form 2018

Training Matrix to be used in conjunction with RCOG Training Matrix

Educational Supervisors will be asked to recommend an ARCP outcome. 

Further guidance can be found in the RCOG document ARCP Outcomes Guidance Notes