ATSM/ SITM DIRECTOR: Rebecca Swingler 

Please go to the RCOG link here for information about SITMs: https://www.rcog.org.uk/careers-and-training/training/curriculum/og-curriculum-2024/resources/


Preceptor ATSM  Preceptor SITM Email
Jess Preshaw Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery Jess Preshaw Endometriosis Care Jessica.Preshaw@nbt.nhs.uk
Jo Ficquet Benign Abdominal Surgery: Open and Laparoscopic  Jo Ficquet Gynaecological Surgical Care  jficquet@nhs.net
Jothi Doraiswamy Benign Abdominal Surgery: Hysteroscopy Jothi Doraiswamy Management of the Endometrium  jothi.doraiswamy3@nhs.net 
Naomi Crouch Colposcopy Naomi Crouch Colposcopy Naomi.Crouch@uhbw.nhs.uk 
Kristyn Manley Menopause Kristyn Manley Menopause Kristyn.Manley@uhbw.nhs.uk
Jo Bailey Oncology Jo Bailey Oncology Care Jo.Bailey@uhbw.nhs.uk
Naomi Crouch Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology Naomi Crouch Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology Naomi.Crouch@uhbw.nhs.uk 
Valentine Akande Subfertility and Reproductive Health  Valentine Akande Management of Subfertility  Valentine.Akande@nbt.nhs.uk
Mark James Uogynaecology Mark James/ Sharan Athwal Urogynaecology and vaginal surgery mark.james@nhs.net
Kathryn Hillaby Vulval Disease Kathryn Hillaby Vulval Disease khillaby@nhs.net
Jane Mears Acute Gynaecology and Early Pregnancy  Abi Oliver  Complex Early Pregnancy and emergency gynaecology Abigail.Oliver@uhbw.nhs.uk
Manika Singh Safe Practice in Abortion Care  Manika Singh Safe Practice in Abortion Care  Manika.Singh@uhbw.nhs.uk
    ? Chronic Pelvic Pain  
    ? Robotic Surgery  
Emma Treloar Advanced Labour Ward Practice      
Simon Grant Fetal Medicine Simon Grant Fetal Care Simon.Grant@nbt.nhs.uk
Simon Grant High Risk Pregnancy    Prenatal Diagnosis  
Rebecca Swingler Labour Ward Lead Laura McKie Pregnancy Care rebecca.swingler@nhs.net
Jo Trinder Obstetric Medicine Jo Trinder Maternal Medicine Johanna.Trinder@bristol.ac.uk
    Mel Griffin Care for prematurity melanie.griffin@bristol.ac.uk
    Maggie Arlidge Perinatal Mental Health maggie.arlidge@nhs.net
    ?Fiona Day Supportive Obstetrics fiona.day@nhs.nbt.uk