Severn Postgraduate Medical Education School of O&G (PGME) recruits to 11 ST1 training posts annually. St1 and St2 jobs are distributed as follows:

The majority of ST1 trainees commence at one of the Bristol Hospitals and spend at least 6 months in Swindon, Bath or Taunton during the two years of basic training depending on individual training needs. This ensures the trainees have appropriate exposure to the entirety of the curriculum.

The RCOG/GMC annual expectation for training is described in the RCOG training matrix

In order to assist progress in training, ST1 and ST2 specific training will be run throughout the year. Details are available on the website 

There are also numerous regional training days that are designed to cover the trainees’ educational needs and the current calendar is available on the SWOT website.

For further information about ST1 and ST2 training in the Severn Deanery please contact the Training Programme Director Dr Louise Ashelby.

Information for ST1 and 2 trainees about the RCOG ePortfolio 

All ST1 and ST2 trainees will have access to their RCOG e-Portfolio. The e-portfolio can be accessed by the trainee’s specific Educational Superviser, the RCOG Tutors, the Training Programme Director and the Head of School. ST1 and ST2 trainees should access their e-portfolios on a regular basis to undertake their training and educational requirements described above.

If any trainees or trainers are struggling with the e-portfolio they can contact Caroline Stitfall Education Programme Manager or the RCOG e-portfolio team, for assistance.