Training during ST3-5 years takes place in all Trusts in the Severn Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) School of O&G:

Specialist Trainees usually rotate training positions on an annual basis.  ST3 trainees working at St Michaels Hospital and Southmead Hospital have resident cover from a consultant, post CCT (or equivalent) clinical fellow or ST6/7. ST3 trainees at Gloucester Hospital have cover from a more experienced registrar or clinical fellow. All other posts are covered directly by a Consultant.

All 6 Trusts are able to deliver the modules that make up the intermediate and advanced curriculum.  The quality of the training provided is assessed annually at the Severn Deanery School of O & G Quality Panel in November with data from the GMC survey, TEF and the Bristol Online Survey and informal feedback at the ARCPs.  

Currently Severn PGME have a high rate of successful ARCP outcomes.

The full Advanced Training Skills Modules (ATSM) is provided within the 6 Trusts.

There are the following sub-specialty training posts in Trusts:

  • St Michael's Hospital:  Maternal Fetal Medicine (2), Gynaecology Oncology (1)
  • Southmead Hospital:ATSM Advanced Laparoscopic Gynaecology Surgery
  • Gloucester Hospital: Gynaecology Oncology (1)

There is a full and active regional training programme co-ordinated by the SWOT education representative and TPD for education.

The School appreciates trainees increasingly need Generic skills Training and therefore supports a wide range of other skill days organised both internally by the School and by Severn PGME.

Participation in research and teaching is widely encouraged and all trainees will have ample opportunity for both.  Many trainees will gain an extra qualification in either research or teaching. 

The School recognises run-through training does not necessarily suit all trainees professional needs and therefore it supports the appropriate use of Out of Programme Experience (OOPE) for research and experience.

Demonstration of training and/or competency for individual procedures is required by completion of regular Work Based Assessments (WBA).  Trainees must also complete WBA for Case Based Discussions (CBD) and clinical examination (Mini CEx).  Reflective practie is encouraged and the trainee is expected to provide at least 8 logs per year including reflection on any significant clinical incidents.

For further information about ST4-5 training in PGME please contact the Training Programme Director Dr Louise Ashelby.

Information for ST3-7 trainees regarding the RCOG e-Portfolio

All ST3-7 trainees will have access to their RCOG e-Portfolio. The e-portfolio can be accessed by the trainee’s specific Educational Superviser, the RCOG Tutors, the Training Programme Director and the Head of School. All trainees should access their e-portfolios on a regular basis to undertake their training and educational requirements described above.

If any trainees or trainers are struggling with the e-portfolio they can contact Caroline Stitfall Education Programme Manager or the RCOG e-portfolio team, for assistance.